Say hello to Roxanne!

Allow me to introduce myself… yeah, if you know my alter-ego, I really don’t need to, do I?

But… here we go…

My publishing journey has been a bumpy ride (more on that in other posts) but I’m so happy to announce I just signed a deal with Totally Bound and I finally get to introduce the world to Bristol Park and my sexy and sassy heroine Cat.

Not to mention the incredibly hot Nate—seriously, the man is written proof that competence porn is a thing. And he looks good doing it.

It’s gonna be a bit, because this thing still has to go through all the processes—editing, proofreading, a cover (squeeee!), etc. But here is where I’ll keep folks posted.

I made the decision to switch to a pen name—Roxanne Blackhall. Not like it’s some big secret or anything, but… I figured it was time for a little separation.

So, that’s the big news! Hi! Stick around. I’ll be slowly building this space up with writing resources, my fave editing and revision tricks, and just general writing chatter.

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