Book News!

February 28, 2023 from Totally Bound!

Keeping it professional w/ the hot handyman is easy—Cat has no interest in being another notch on his bedpost.

Then they get snowed in & she discovers she’s figured him all wrong.

Abbeydon Attraction is available for preorder!

Or: Amazon | Apple | B&N

Meanwhile, find out a little more about me, and what inspired this book, over on the blog page.

And some things you should know…

This is a sex positive space. Also a space for no -isms… No racism, classism, size-ism, able-ism, etc-ism. Just… don’t.

Prepare for snark and sass and more than occasional profanity. And a lot of writing stuff.

About me:

Smart, urbanite, foodie, funny, cook, passionate, opinionated, political, irreverent, writer, photographer, busy, mom, wife, shoe fiend, fashionista, frequent hostess (well, pre-COVID, that is), teacher, displaced Californian…

Oh yeah, I write kissing books. Sexy kissing books.

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